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(1) Ulrich s Periodicals Directory

(2) Chemical Abstracts (CA).

(3) Poland Copernicus index (Index Copernicus, IC).

(4) Zoological Record (ZR)

(5) Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International (CABI), International Centre for agricultural and biological sciences.


(1) core Chinese Periodicals

(2) Chinese journal full text database (CJFD)

(3) comprehensive evaluation database of Chinese academic journals (CAJCED)

(4) "database of Chinese Sci-tech Periodicals"

(5) Journal of statistics of Chinese scientific papers

(6) the database of China's core periodicals (selection)

(7) "survey of China's core agricultural periodicals 2006"

(8) "Chinese forestry science and Technology Literature Database"

(9) the Huayi online library (Airiti Library)

(10) online science and technology papers in China

(11) educational reading network

(12) RCCSE China authoritative academic journal database (Wuhan University Chinese Science Assessment Research Center)


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